2021 Lone Cardinal Chardonnay

Buttery-Soft + So Luscious

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  • 2021 Lone Cardinal Chardonnay
  • 2021 Lone Cardinal Chardonnay
    Winery Hemispheres
    Varietal Chardonnay
    Year 2021
    Type Bottle
    ABV 13.0
    Country United States
    Region California
    California is famous for its buttery Chardonnay, and the Lone Cardinal Chardonnay 2021 embodies the best of these luscious textures and flavors. Fermentation gives the wine a creamier consistency before it is aged in oak barrels, adding subtle vanilla and spice flavors. You’ll taste ripe notes of yellow peach and tropical fruit with every sip. The acidity is bright, complemented by lemon curd aromas. The Lone Cardinal Chardonnay is ideal for pairing with buttery lemon tart, apple pie, lemon chicken, and creamy pasta dishes. Chill this luscious white wine for no more than thirty minutes to keep those breezy aromas intact. Pour for your guests when serving lemon or cream pasta, or save it for dessert.
    Award Medal

    2023 Silver

    Orange County Fair Wine Competition