Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Macy’s Wine Shop?

Macy's Wine Shop is our online wine shop, a convenient way for you to shop for wines that can be shipped directly to your door.

Where is Macy’s Wine available?

Macy's Wine is currently available in select states. Check our Shipping Policy to see if we ship to your state. We’re constantly adding new states so check back often.

What wine can I shop for on Macy’s Wine Shop?

Wines from esteemed winemakers from around the world are available on Macy's Wine Shop. You can shop for varietals and blends from regions you love and trust.

Why can’t I find the wines I get in my local store?

The wines in the Macy's Wine Shop collection are unique to the Ship experience, but we are always adding to our selection, so check back for new wines in the future.

Can I shop for Macy’s Wine Shop bottles in my local store?

Not at this time. Our special Macy's Wine Shop collection is exclusively available online.

Can I shop on Macy’s Wine Shop and Pick Up in the Store?

Not at this time. Our Macy's Wine Shop collection can only be shipped to you.