Oro Loco Olive Oil

Gorgeous Spanish Olive Oil

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  • Oro Loco Olive Oil
  • Oro Loco Olive Oil
    Type Accessory
    Country Spain
    Just like wine with grapes, olive oil can be made from a variety of olives—each one imparts its own delicious characters to the final liquid. In Oro Loco’s case, we’re talking Picual and Arbequina olives. Combined, they impart pleasantly fruity notes to the oil, like green banana, apple, and almond. There’s a wonderfully food-friendly touch of bitterness on the finish—in short, it’s a perfect expression of Extra Virgin Spanish Olive Oil. Great for dipping your favorite artisanal breads in, Oro Loco will also be great as a dressing for simply grilled fish or drizzled over garlicky pork roasts.