Le Star Bubbles Brut Canned 4-Pack

Fabulous French Fizz—in a Can!

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  • Le Star Bubbles Brut Canned 4-Pack
  • Le Star Bubbles Brut Canned 4-Pack
    Varietal White Blend
    Type Can
    ABV 11.0
    Country France
    Whoever invented wine in a can is a genius—they’re convenient, a great value, and just plain fun to drink. So, when our wine team told us we were getting this joyful French sparkler, we all lined up to get our share. And you should, too. Le Star Bubbles is a vivacious blend of local grapes Ugni Blanc and Colombard. Snap back the tab and prepare for intense aromas of peaches and honey, followed by a gently fruity/floral palate and—of course—waves of invigorating bubbles. Light and easy-drinking, this 4-pack of 250ml cans is perfect for packing in a cooler for the beach, park, or pool. Serve it ice cool (another wine-in-cans-bonus: they chill super fast!) all on its own, but it’s also tasty with chicken kabobs, grilled chicken, and fresh sushi or sashimi. NOTE: Each 4-pack is counted as 1 bottle toward the 3-bottle checkout minimum and 6-bottle minimum for free shipping.

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