Bocciamatta Sparkling Ice

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  • Bocciamatta Sparkling Ice
  • Bocciamatta Sparkling Ice
    Winery Corvezzo
    Varietal Glera
    Type Bottle
    ABV 11.5
    Country Italy
    Region Veneto
    Enjoy a unique style of wine in Bocciamatta Sparkling Ice, produced by a certified organic winery in Italy’s Veneto region that is known for its delicious sparklers and white wines. Upon uncorking, you’ll be greeted by lively aromas of green apples. This easy-drinking white wine has a sweet taste balanced by the fresh acidity of the Glera grape from which it is made. Fine bubbles mingle with delicate fruit notes on the finish. This sparkling ice is from Bocciamatta Winery, an award-winning winery. Bocciamatta Winery has more than half a century of winemaking tradition. For the last decade, their team has been dedicated to sustainable viticulture, converting all of the family vineyards to be organic. The winery’s green philosophy translates from vineyard to cellar, using natural corks and recycled paper for labels and packaging. Bocciamatta Sparkling Ice is a delicious aperitif or complement to sweet treats like cheesecake, ice cream, and panna cotta. Serve it ice cold for pure enjoyment.
    Award Medal

    2020 Silver

    Harvest Challenge Wine Competition

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