2023 Santa Nera Riesling I.G.T.

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  • 2023 Santa Nera Riesling I.G.T.
  • 2023 Santa Nera Riesling I.G.T.
    Varietal Riesling
    Year 2023
    Type Bottle
    ABV 13.0
    Country Italy
    Region Provincia di Pavia
    A ripe pineapple flavor and the sandy Italian soils that it comes from, Sant Nera Riesling is nothing but naturally delicious. Santa Nera Riesling is an elegant and delicate wine that has a wonderful personality. The Italian wine is savory and refreshing. Enjoy flavors of stone and graphite that hae an intriguing and persistent acidity. The aromas of mineral, ripe pineapple, and flowers will brighten up the room as soon as this wine is uncorked and poured. This Santa Nera is proud to display its best Riesling Italico grapes. Each grape used in the production of this wine has been carefully harvested, softly pressed, and ultimately vinified in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature. This wine’s mineral flavors and citrus aromas make it more versatile than you’d expect. Pair with ​​a roasted duck or goose and even salad dressings with hard-to-pair ingredients like vinegar.

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