2022 Ylirum Verdejo

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  • 2022 Ylirum Verdejo
  • 2022 Ylirum Verdejo
    Winery Hermanos Mateos Higuera
    Varietal Verdejo
    Year 2022
    Type Bottle
    ABV 11.5
    Country Spain
    Region Castile-La Mancha
    Enjoy fresh and fruity 2022 Ylirum Verdejo, an internationally acclaimed award-winner from La Mancha, Spain. Opening with pleasant aromas of peaches, plums, and aniseed, this lovely Verdejo beckons to the senses. Well balanced and slightly sweet, this wine offers great acidity and lightly nutty flavor notes for a smooth and persistent finish. Made from grapes grown in sunny La Mancha (one of Spain’s largest wine regions) this wine benefits from a rich and ancient making tradition. It is thought that winemaking began in this region as early as Roman times. Because of its bracing acidity, 2022 Ylirum Verdejo is pleasantly palate cleansing. Explore pairing with dishes like ceviche, grilled chicken, and citrus salads.

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