2022 Valnoches Viura Rioja

Deliciously Dry Spanish White

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  • 2022 Valnoches Viura Rioja
  • 2022 Valnoches Viura Rioja
    Varietal Viura
    Year 2022
    Type Bottle
    ABV 13.0
    Country Spain
    Region Rioja
    Fresh flavor reigns in 2022 Valnoches Viura Rioja, a light to medium-bodied white wine from Spain’s most famous wine region. Shining pale yellow/gold in the glass, this regal Viura captures attention with ripe peach, yellow apple, and pear notes. The palate is succulent with delicious aromas of apple pastries and green melon. Dry in style, it has a spark of acidity and a long finish. This wine embodies the complexity of the beautiful Rioja region in Northern Spain. Surrounded by mountains but still benefitting from Atlantic and Mediterranean influences, Rioja has a range of climates and soil types. While the region is known for producing hearty reds, Viura is Rioja’s most important white grape. 2022 Valnoches Viura Rioja, is from Benoit Valérie Calvet, a Bordeaux-based team that designs and produces wines recognized in competitions worldwide. Their winemakers are passionate about showcasing what is most distinctive about various grapes. For more than 35 years, Benoit Valérie Calvet has combined tradition and innovation to create enjoyable, high-quality wines. This Viura pairs well with a variety of foods, including simple white meat dishes, quiche, grilled fish, and coconut curries. It’s particularly well-suited to Spanish specialties like tapas, paella, and gazpacho.