2022 Laughing Bird Shiraz

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  • 2022 Laughing Bird Shiraz
  • 2022 Laughing Bird Shiraz
    Winery Cranswick Wines
    Varietal Syrah/Shiraz
    Year 2022
    Type Bottle
    ABV 13.0
    Country Australia
    Region South Eastern Australia
    Uncork this Shiraz and be enveloped by opulent fragrances of black cherries and red fruits. As the aromas dance upon your senses, subtle notes of vanilla and chocolate unveil themselves, adding a layer of indulgence. The Laughing Bird Shiraz Southeastern Australia 2022 boasts a plum color with regal purple hues, lending an air of elegance. Southeastern Australia's cool nights and mild days create the perfect canvas for nurturing grapes to their ripest potential. This Shiraz, born of a fine climate, low yields, and carefully selected grapes, embodies elegance in a bottle. While it shines as a standalone, this wine harmonizes beautifully with charcuterie boards or red meat dishes. Elevate your dining experience with a wine that combines Australian allure and Southeastern Australian terroir.

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