2022 Ca’ Gregorie Soave D.O.C.

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  • 2022 Ca’ Gregorie Soave D.O.C.
  • 2022 Ca’ Gregorie Soave D.O.C.
    Winery Gregoris Family
    Varietal Garganega
    Year 2022
    Type Bottle
    ABV 12.5
    Country Italy
    Region Soave
    Straw yellow and verdant hues hint at the delicate fruit flavors found in this 2022 Ca’Gregorie Soave. White flowers and wildflowers contribute to a fragrant, beautifully perfumed nose. The wine is full yet soft on the palate with bright acidity and well-balanced alcohol. The finish is short and dry with delightful notes of stone fruit, apple, and citrus. Ca’Gregorie roughly translates to the winery of the Gregoris family, the makers of this delicious white wine. The family tree covers multiple generations of winemaking in Veneto, set against the rolling hills and rustic architecture depicted on the label. This easy-drinking wine is perhaps best known as an aperitif, though it also complements the flavors of many “primi piatti” or first dishes in Italian three-course meals. Think lighter pasta or vegetable dishes, a crunchy Balsamic salad, chicken piccata, or fresh shellfish.

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