2021 Wolfson Cellars Merlot

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  • 2021 Wolfson Cellars Merlot
  • 2021 Wolfson Cellars Merlot
    Winery Wolfson Cellars
    Varietal Merlot
    Year 2021
    Type Bottle
    ABV 13.5
    Country United States
    Region California
    Discover the allure of Wolfson Cellars Merlot 2021. With deep black cherry hues and an enticing, complex fruit and creamy dark chocolate nose, this Merlot sets the stage for a palate filled with punchy plum notes balanced by hints of cherry and toasted spice. Pleasantly dry, this wine boasts a medium to full body and robust tannins, leading to a smooth, long finish with subtle blackberry undertones. With moderate summers, the area in which these grapes grow offers perfect farming conditions. While Wolfson Cellars Merlot is exceptional on its own, it truly shines when paired with rich meat dishes like filet mignon, burgers, or roasted lamb.

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