2021 Wild Gnu Chenin Blanc

"Wild" White From The Western Cape

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  • 2021 Wild Gnu Chenin Blanc
  • 2021 Wild Gnu Chenin Blanc
    Varietal Chenin Blanc
    Year 2021
    Type Bottle
    ABV 12.5
    Country South Africa
    Region Western Cape
    Walk on the wild side with this 2021 Wild Gnu Chenin Blanc. Fruity notes of pear drops and yellow apple delight the palate with hints of floral undertones. Secondary notes of apricot and peaches complement the natural minerality. This white brims with acidity on the palate, while a short, crisp finish imparts an unmistakable feeling of freshness. South Africa is the world's largest producer of Chenin Blanc, making the Western Cape a natural breeding ground for this 2021 Wild Gnu. Within South Africa, this white grape is known as "steen," with most of each harvest finding its way into South African brandy. In recent years, the varietal has exploded onto the dry white wine scene, with fragrant and fruity vintages proving a hit amongst budding wine enthusiasts. If you're seeking a pairing for this Chenin Blanc, lean towards lighter meat dishes with a bit of tang and spice. You can't go wrong with kung pao chicken, spiced ceviche, or even a fruity dessert like apple crumble or peach cobbler.
    Award Medal

    2023 Silver

    San Diego International Wine Competition