2021 Primasera Sangiovese

Savory Italian Red

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  • 2021 Primasera Sangiovese
  • 2021 Primasera Sangiovese
    Winery Hemispheres
    Varietal Sangiovese
    Year 2021
    Type Bottle
    ABV 12.5
    Country Italy
    Region Puglia
    If you like Italian reds, you’ll love this 2021 Primasera Sangiovese. Brimming with bright shades of ruby, this harmonious red opens with a rich bouquet of plum and bramble fruit. Secondary notes of red fruit like strawberry and raspberry contrast spiced notes of black pepper and cedar. The wine is dry and balanced on the palate with a layered, savory finish. If you fall head over heels for this 2021 Italian red, you can thank the Castellanis, an award-winning winemaking family with over a hundred years of viticultural experience. The Castellanis blend their rich Italian heritage with modern winemaking techniques to create some of the best Italian reds on the market today. Bottled from handpicked grapes in southern Italy, this red is a beautiful encapsulation of Sangiovese, Italy’s most planted grape. If you haven’t brushed up on your Italian recently, “Primasera” translates to “early evening,” which is a wonderful time to enjoy this Sangiovese. Whether you’re preparing a meal or sitting down with loved ones, this Sangiovese’s high acidity and light-moderate tannins complement classic Italian cuisine. Think tomato and meat-based dishes like Margherita pizza, stuffed shells, and penne alla vodka.
    Award Medal

    2022 Silver

    Sommelier Challenge Wine Competition

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