2021 Oppoul Terres du Midi Rosé IGP

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  • 2021 Oppoul Terres du Midi Rosé IGP
  • 2021 Oppoul Terres du Midi Rosé IGP
    Winery Jean Chatelier
    Year 2021
    Type Bottle
    ABV 12.0
    Country France
    Region Terres Du Midi
    These aromas exuding off this 2021 Oppoul Rosé will leave you positively tongue-tied. A delicate bouquet of red fruit and citrus leaps out of the glass, accompanied by secondary notes of juicy nectarine. On the palate, this rosé displays a lively mouth and pleasant yet biting acidity. This Oppoul Rosé originates from France's protected Terres du Midi wine-growing region. Tucked away within the Languedoc, it’s one of the newest districts in the country and covers a wide array of terrains. You’ll find skyscraping mountains, high plateaus, and coastal plains, all within driving distance. With a toasty climate and limestone-enriched soils, Terres du Midi imbued refined elegance in this refreshing bottle of pink. We recommend serving this 2021 Oppoul Rosé as an aperitif or alongside light dishes like barbecued veggie skewers, goat cheese salad, and spiced curry.
    Award Medal

    2022 Gold

    Sommelier Challenge Wine Competition