2021 Lone Cardinal Merlot

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  • 2021 Lone Cardinal Merlot
  • 2021 Lone Cardinal Merlot
    Winery Hemispheres
    Varietal Merlot
    Year 2021
    Type Bottle
    ABV 13.5
    Country United States
    Region California
    Uncork the deliciously fruit-forward flavor that defines Lone Cardinal Merlot and enjoy an easy-drinking red from California. Pour yourself a glass of this flavorful merlot and enjoy a Juicy punch of blackberry, plum, and cherry notes that anchor this medium-bodied Merlot. This red unfolds to reveal subtle hints of baking spices that linger on the palate. Moderate acidity is balanced by smooth, refined tannins, making this wine wonderfully food-friendly. Lone Cardinal Merlot was born out of the mission to create wines that capture the spirit of California. California’s warm, dry summers and cool nights create ideal conditions for growing juicy grapes that make up this flavorful Merlot. Lone Cardinal Merlot can be paired with roast veal, rack of lamb, and filet mignon. This versatile red will also complement pasta, burgers, and pizza.

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