2021 Due Mari Sangiovese I.G.T.

Dry, Harmonious Italian Red

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  • 2021 Due Mari Sangiovese I.G.T.
  • 2021 Due Mari Sangiovese I.G.T.
    Winery Castellani S.p.A
    Varietal Sangiovese
    Year 2021
    Type Bottle
    ABV 12.5
    Country Italy
    Region Puglia
    Take a sip of an Italian symphony with our 2021 Due Mari. Building off signature Sangiovese grapes, this red glimmers in the glass with intense ruby hues. On the nose, rich plum and bramble fruit shine with lighter notes of violet, strawberry, and pepper. Hints of cherry round out a relatively dry, perfectly balanced taste. This 2021 Due Mari was fermented from hand-picked grapes cultivated in the Puglia region, a narrow district that comprises a large portion of Italy’s boot. The region’s name can be traced back to “a-pulvia” or “lack of rain” in Roman, a testament to the sunny, dry Mediterranean climate. Limestone-rich soils promise big, jammy Sangiovese grapes as on display in this 2021 Due Mari. Pair this Due Mari Sangiovese with slow-cooked Fiorentina steak, prosciutto and Tuscan salami, or gnocchi with sage and butter sauce.
    Award Medal

    2022 Silver

    Sommelier Challenge Wine Competition