2020 Urluberlu Syrah

Elegant & Extravagant Urluberlu Syrah

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  • 2020 Urluberlu Syrah
  • 2020 Urluberlu Syrah
    Winery Benoit Valerie Calvet
    Varietal Syrah/Shiraz
    Year 2020
    Type Bottle
    ABV 13.5
    Country France
    Region Pays d'Oc
    When you think extravagant, brilliant, and uncommon, Urluberlu Syrah comes to the top of mind. Urluberlu Syrah is a perfect example of a typical French Syrah wine. Bursting with black pepper and spice notes, it shows a fresh character on the palate full of black fruit notes, violet, and pepper. In the South of France, the parcels of Syrah are planted on clay-limestone hillsides. This particular location brings elegance and roundness to the wine. Before being picked, the ripeness of the grapes is monitored continuously to ensure the harvest date is set accordingly to each varietal’s growth. Traditional vinification preserves the wine’s bold flavors. Extravagant, brilliant, and uncommon, Urluberlu embodies a French character known for those values. Uncork this gorgeous wine and enjoy a glass with barbecue or braised beef. Urluberlu Syrah can also be elegant when casually accompanying aged cheeses like Gouda.
    Award Medal

    2022 Silver

    Monterey International Wine Competition