2020 Global Trails BOD Bordeaux

Elegance to Be Desired

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  • 2020 Global Trails BOD Bordeaux
  • 2020 Global Trails BOD Bordeaux
    Varietal Red Blend
    Year 2020
    Type Bottle
    ABV 13.6
    Country France
    Region Bordeaux
    Produced in the prestigious wine region of Bordeaux, our Global Trails BOD Bourdeaux Rouge 2020 is a rich, full-bodied blend with intense fruit notes and robust tannins that tempt the palate. Because this wine comes from a famous region of expert winemakers who have passed their secrets down through generations, every sip exudes elegance and character. Bordeaux is an esteemed wine region not only in France but throughout the world. The land in which the Global Trails BOD Bordeaux Rouge grapes are grown is spread across sixty miles and three rivers. Bordeaux’s rich, chalky soil and climate are perfect for creating such a desirable blend. This wine is perfect for romantic date nights and should be paired with rich meats and comfort food.
    Award Medal

    2023 Silver

    Monterey International Wine Competition

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