2019 Quadrata Red Blend

Fruity & Full Red Blend

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  • 2019 Quadrata Red Blend
  • 2019 Quadrata Red Blend
    Winery Fog Harbor Cellars
    Varietal Red Blend
    Year 2019
    Type Bottle
    ABV 13.5
    Country United States
    Region California
    This robust red wine hails from California, where the region’s climate produces plump grapes full of rich and fruity flavors. Dark and delicious fruit notes anchor this medium to full-bodied red blend. This wine is layered with hints of dark cherries, raspberries, and black pepper that give it a fruity tang. This blend’s bold and rich flavors carry a sweet aftertaste that makes this wine quite food-friendly. Producing great wine starts with growing great grapes. This red blend is made from slowly ripened grapes, picked at the peak time to capture the bold essence of each varietal used in crafting this robust wine. Quadrata Red Blend was born out of California’s warm, dry summers and cool nights that create ideal conditions for growing juicy grapes. 2019 Quadrata Red Blend is a versatile choice to serve with meals, and it gets along famously with smoked or barbecue-flavored foods. Fire up the grill and uncork this wine with lamb chops, pulled pork, or a meat-lovers pizza.
    Award Medal

    2020 Silver

    San Diego International Wine Challenge

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