2019 Due Mari Maremma Toscana I.G.T.

Cherry Red From Italy’s Wild West

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  • 2019 Due Mari Maremma Toscana I.G.T.
  • 2019 Due Mari Maremma Toscana I.G.T.
    Winery Castellani S.p.A
    Varietal Red Blend
    Year 2019
    Type Bottle
    ABV 13.0
    Country Italy
    Region Maremma Toscana
    Taste the “super” in Supertuscan with our 2019 Due Mari Maremma Toscana I.G.T. Cultivated by winemakers quickly rising through the ranks in the Italian wine scene, this red displays deep and layered cherry notes that contrast sweetly against hints of white chocolate. Secondary notes of red currant impress with lively, vibrant character. Dry complexity lingers warmly on the palate, giving way to a medium balsamic finish. This Toscana hails from the Maremma district of Abruzzo, known colloquially as Italy’s Wild West. The coastline of white sandy beaches and strawberry trees gives way to picturesque Tuscan hills adorned with olive trees and rolling vineyards. From this land, Due Mari carefully hand-selects the most concentrated fruit in their pruned grapes and bottles the resulting wine with care, as illustrated in this magnificent Italian red. Pair this Due Mari with grilled meats, steaks, and game meats to create a true Italian dinner.
    Award Medal

    2022 Silver

    Critics Challenge Wine Competition

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