5 Best Gifts for Wine Lovers

When looking for the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life, all the choices or not knowing which direction to take can leave you feeling stumped. 

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with gifting a bottle of wine (we’re always for it!), but if you’re looking to give your beloved wine connoisseur a little something extra, you’ve come to the right place!

Keep reading for the ultimate gourmet wine gift guide to enhance your special occasions.

Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Infographic

1. Unique Wine Gift Baskets

Whether you want to focus on one type or theme, like red wine, white wine, selections exclusively from Bordeaux, or celebrity picks like those from our Martha Stewart Collection, there are many ways to kick gourmet gifting up a notch. 

Maybe the wine drinker you have in mind loves cozy, seasonal reds like warm Cabernet Sauvignon and earthy Pinot Noir. If they prefer crisp white wine, sparkling wine sets may be perfect for them. You could also give them the gift of luxury with Luxe Sets from around the world.

Shop our popular Gift Sets for fresh and unique choices for everyone.

You can also adjust the size and budget of your gift set depending on your needs. Shop 3 Bottle Wine Sets, 6 Bottle Sets, 12 Bottle Sets, and selections under $100!

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2. Stainless Steel Wine Glasses

When shopping for a fellow wine lover, odds are they have glasses galore. But what about gifting them something sleeker? Stainless steel wine glasses and tumblers are durable, easy to clean, and add extra shine to any tasting party. This could be an excellent way to add something different to their wine glass collection.

3. Wine Opener Upgrade

There’s more to openers than the standard winged corkscrew that requires drinkers to twist manually. Thanks to upgraded wine technology, you can open a bottle of wine with the touch of a button. Seek out electric corkscrews that require the opener to simply place and press. There are also pump options, allowing you to place the opener over the top of the bottle while pressing and pulling the lever. 

Wine preservation systems are also available, which keep the bottle sealed after opening to prevent oxidation. As any wine lover knows, the countdown begins as soon as the cork is out, so this could also be an excellent gift idea. 

With so many ways to open a wine bottle, give your wine lover the gift of ease this season!

4. Crystal Decanter

At first glance, crystal and glass decanters appear to be the same. However, did you know that crystal decanters are much more resilient than glass? While appearing thin, crystal is a harder yet more pliable material than glass. Glass decanters may be pretty, but they are more prone to breakage. 

Plus, there is a range of crystal decanter sizes to choose from depending on your giftee’s favorite wine. For example, maybe they’d like a long-spouted decanter similar to a swan next. Smaller decanters are great for lighter red wines, while larger-based decanters are excellent for robust red blends

Regardless, make sure it’s a crystal for extra durability. Your loved one will surely regard you as a wine expert!

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5. Exclusive Wine Club Membership

What better gift than the gift of choice? If you’re unsure whether your giftee likes red or white, a Wine Club Membership will open them up to endless options. At Macy’s Wine Shop, your gifte could enjoy a curated selection of 6 wines for a limited-time offer of just $49.99!

Gifting them a wine subscription will surely make their year.

6. DIY Wine Gift Basket

For an extra personal touch, why not build a wine basket from scratch? This way, you can include all your loved one's favorite wines plus extra gourmet treats. Add unique cheeses, fresh fruit, chocolate, crackers, olives, and a card. These are just a few ideas, as you can customize your DIY gift basket any way you choose. 

Make your loved one feel extra special with something handmade.

Wine wrapped as gifts

Give the Gift of Wine Your Way!

As the holiday season nears and gift shopping climbs to the top of our lists, we hope these ideas are helpful as you shop for the wine enthusiast in your life. These unique choices will surely bring joy to your fellow oenophiles.

Shop an array of affordable, carefully selected wines at Macy’s Wine Shop as you venture into your wine gifting journey.

For more ideas and other exclusive wine information, visit The Wine Blog.

When shopping for the perfect wine gift, Macy’s wine shop has you covered. Remove the shopping stress and spend more time with loved ones this holiday!